My First Dji Phantom 2 Flight in San Francisco

Non Basic Life at FYF

My DJI Phantom 2 in San Francisco

Lorde speical gangta remix

Great song.

Some new sexy Fever by The Black Keys check it out.

#coachella ing out with great friends @kristenmstuart #@daniellemariee @thelovestoner @gotabemore2it @cygnet_du_neige @delanieyoung @ (at Coachella Main Stage)

Coachella bound! With my lady @kristenmstuart 👏👌👍😝😘🙌🙅😱😋😷😎🎡 (at Coachella Sahara Tent)
04.17.14 /10:36

This song is stuck in my head I am going to be sing this all day.

Happy soon to be birthday to my little sister @ohlizbot❤️👑🎂  (at Cafe Santorini)
04.08.14 /20:38
At #hakata ramen with @kristenmstuart ❤️ (at Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen)
04.06.14 /20:57/ 1
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